Friday, January 17, 2014

ShowMe App: Great tool for high school supports

I'd like to share one of my favorite apps.  ShowMe.  It is very simple and easy to use.  I've found it to be a very useful tool with higher levels of math.  All students must take Alg 1, Geometry, and Alg 2.  Geometry and Alg 2 can be very challenging for students.  My job to help students bridge the gap when struggling with math.  However,  I'm often challenged by many of the topics.  With the ShowMe App, math teachers can give a brief explanation over these topics.  Just enough to recall.

Here is an example how I use it.

I take the ShowMe App to a math teacher.  They record a quick example and explanation.

Then .... students listen/watch the presentation.

Here is an example of today's ShowMe over an Alg 2 question.

Once the presentation is saved it can be categorized into units to be used with other students.


  1. Awesome 1st post Gary! Thanks for creating this and sharing through this blog! I'm stoked to see you doing this! You are such a valuable part of our #ipadacademy!