Thursday, March 27, 2014

Student led IEPs

One of my colleagues has a student that asked to use one of my iPads in order to present her IEP to the team.  What a great idea!  This student also asked for a projector.  Having a student led IEP creates ownership.  This senior wants to go to college.  What a great way to give a professional presentation in a safe environment over something she knows best.  Herself.  I'm very proud of this student and love this idea for future students.


Here are some resources for student led IEPs.
Prezi:  Student Led IEPs
Example #1
Example #2
Student-Led Meetings: Technology Puts Teens in the Driver's Seat

Monday, March 3, 2014

iTunes U: Bringing it all together

I believe iTunes U is a life saver when students have an independent study opportunity.

The following example is of a student taking Algebra in my class.  The classroom teacher (Chelsea Hoglund) created an iTunes U course.  All the worksheets and flipped classroom videos are in this course.  The student then uses Notability to complete the assignments.  From Notability, he can share the complete assignments back to the teacher in Google Drive.  Amazing!!!! So many levels of technology are used to create this learning opportunity.

Programs/Apps being used in this demonstration.
Google Drive
iTunes U
Explain Everything

Here is the student explaining his independent opportunity.  You may have to turn up the volume.